Cape Verde Real Estate

At the moment Cape Verde Real Estate offers you a very exciting investment opportunity to maximise both capital growth and rental yields.

The islands present a stunning pristine environment located in the Subtropical Zone of the North Atlantic Macronesia region. An island paradise that was once lost but now rediscovered.


Once you visit these tropical Islands you are bound to fall in love with them. You will find a glorious archipelago of beautiful unspoiled and safe islands only 5.5 hours from the UK just waiting for you to explore.

Ask about our Regular Discovery Tours to the Islands where we will show you first hand the massive investment potential and a showcase of the current property investment opportunities available.

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Rising Star of Overseas Investment Property

The islands are increasing in popularity with both tourists and property investors alike for a multitude of reasons including;

Sunshine for most of the 365 days of the year
Closest Tropical islands to Europe
Beautiful beaches, exotic tropical plantations and breathtaking mountains
Low cost of living and affordable holidays
Flight times of only 5.5 hrs from UK and no jet lag
Huge government and private investment
Huge growth potential in tourist industry
Early stages of development in Cape Verde make it an ideal time to invest
Exchange rate value of local currency is fixed to the Euro
Strong possibility of inclusion in the European Union

Cape Verde is the overseas investment property hotspot, with a justifiably growing reputation among investors.

With its year round sunshine and tropical climate, easy accessibility from Europe and fast-rising tourism, Cape Verde ticks all the right boxes for phenomenal property rental and resale potential.

The current property developments will enable you to make good money and also have fun and enjoyment from the properties you are investing in.

Cape Verde Real estate Guide

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Cape Verde Real
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